New website design

We are pleased to announce that on 29 November 2010 we will be launching a new ‘look and feel’ to our existing website. During the past year, our web team has been tasked with building a solutions-based website designed to meet user needs online. This launch will be the first of several improvements designed to help you find relevant solutions and provide the ultimate in online service.


Have a look at some of the features we are launching:

New visual navigation

Navigate with ease.

We've received your feedback on our current site and we know it definitely needed an overhaul when it comes to navigation and finding the solutions you need. So say hello to a much better system of browsing  products and services on our site. By clicking into a category, you'll see that we've made our navigation much more visual.

Intuitive page designs

Uncover opportunities.

Our product pages will now contain more of the information you need in a format that is easy to use. The product menu now contains several tabs where it is still easy to find sections like accessories and consumables, but we’ve also now added related solutions like Services and Courses.

Find inspiration in our user stories

Find inspiration.

Learn about how our solutions are being used by customers today. We've partnered with organisations around the globe to bring you you stories told from their point of view.

Designed for ease of use

Take action.

Common things you need to do on our site like Searching, Contacting Us, Signing in and Viewing your Shopping cart are now in it's own dedicated place allowing you to take action when you need to.

Simpler sign-in process

Get easier access.

We’ve now taken a simpler approach to signing into our website. You can still sign in with your email address or customer number. And creating an account has been made much easier with three simple steps.  

Do you have any comments, questions or concerns about this new design update?

Please feel free to contact us here. We sincerely appreciate your feedback and will respond in a timely manner.



Best regards,


Everyone at the Laerdal Web Team

Corporate Marketing and Communications