Nurse of the year takes healthcare to community's heart

CQUniversity Noosa nursing lecturer Nicholas Ralph has won an Australian Nurse of the Year award for his work on a mobile health care unit that takes education out of the classroom and into the community.

Still in its development phase, Mr Ralph’s multi-function Mobile Clinical Learning Unit (M-CLU) concept comprises a split-level trailer – containing a simulation deck and a realistic ward environment – that can be transported to parks, schools and events in regional areas to give locals a practical insight into the role of a health care worker.

SimMan - a key feature of the unit 
Mr Ralph said a key feature of the unit would be the ‘SimMan’ – a life-like training simulator that mimics breathing, bleeding, sweating, has dilating pupils and even talks back.

“The SimMan simulator is the same technology we use to train healthcare students,” Mr Ralph said.

“We use the ‘SimMan’ to teach an extensive range of skills, from basic life support to full-scale patient resuscitation.

“SimMan’s value is that it engages people through realism in a highly effective way and provides them with an accurate picture of what a healthcare professional does.”

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