Inga-Britt Morken had only recently learned CPR during a school project and she managed to transfer what she learned to a real life situation. Upon arrival, the ambulance personnel recognized the provided first aid to the degree that they were able to focus on a more advanced stage of the treatment. “There is no doubt that Inga-Britt contributed to saving her father’s life with her knowledge and resolute behavior” says General Secretary of The Norwegian Air Ambulance, Steinar Sørlie.


Aiming to Inspire

The Lifesaving Prize was awarded for the first time during The Norwegian Air Ambulance 30th anniversary conference at Gardermoen and will become an annual event in the years to come.

“We wish to honor people who have made an effort. Another aspiration is to inspire others to gain CPR knowledge. One of our foremost ambitions is to enable people to aid themselves in those critical minutes before the professional part of the survival chain is available”, says Steinar Sørlie. He emphasizes that more lives can be saved if more people acquire basic knowledge of lifesaving first aid.


Teaching Children

Inga-Britt Morken acquired first aid knowledge through a school project facilitated by the Norwegian Air Ambulance and their extensive program for CPR training directed at thousands of 7th Graders in the South and Eastern parts of Norway.

“First Aid is part of the 7th grade curriculum and we have organized a project where each 7th grader receives a personal CPR kit, containing a manikin and an introductory DVD. This is a take home kit, and the students can thereby teach his / her family. This enables us to teach the adults through the children”, says Steinar Sørlie.

The training campaign is funded by extra means donated by members of The Norwegian Air Ambulance.