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HeartCode® on SimManager® Express

Streamline Resuscitation Training

Self-directed resuscitation training

Today, training resources are being stretched more than ever. Trainers are overwhelmed, classroom space is limited, and schedules are conflicted. This can make it difficult to ensure quality CPR training and demonstrate adherence to protocols. Every patient deserves the best-developed workforce. 

By using eLearning, organizations can effectively achieve training goals and be confident that course participants are armed with quality training that meets industry standards and saves lives.

Self-Directed eLearning

The American Heart Association’s HeartCode® BLS, ACLS, and PALS courses give students the flexibility to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule, anywhere and anytime an internet connection is available. Consistent content is delivered to all students that can be tailored to their learning styles and schedules, increasing training efficiency and standardization.

Standardized Assessment

Using the Voice-Assisted Manikin (VAM) System, students receive the benefit of real-time directive feedback during hands-on training. The system is designed to accurately measure key components of quality CPR, including rate, depth, recoil, and ventilations.

Efficient Administration

SimManager® Express is an easy and efficient content delivery platform for eLearning content, allowing for efficient administration and management of resuscitation training programs. Administrators can create student and group assignments, deliver content, and report on student progress and completions.

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