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18,1 MB - Italian

How to Update SimPad Software

0,4 MB - Multilingual

This document explains how to update the software on your SimPad and Link Box.
QSG for Simpad with Session Viewer

3,4 MB - English

This Quick Setup Guide will support you in connecting your SimView Mobile system or Session Viewer with SimPad running SW 5.0 or higher
QSG for Simpad with Sim View

2,1 MB - English

This Quick Setup Guide will support you in connecting your SimView server system with SImPad running SW 5.0 or higher
Istruzioni d'uso

6,7 MB - Italian


SimPad PLUS Product Announcement

1,0 MB - English

SimPad brochure 2013 (20-07048)

3,8 MB - English

New SimPad brochure
SimPad Patient Monitor - help file document

1,1 MB - English

SimPad Service Agreement

0,2 MB - English

SimPad Protection Plan Service agreement

0,2 MB - English

Integrating SimPad at customer site flyer

1,4 MB - English

SimPad eLearning flyer

1,3 MB - English

Catalogo SimPad

5,1 MB - Italian


SimPad 6.2.6 Build 13

230,2 MB

Main new feature:

  • SimPad PLUS can operate LinkBox.
  • SimPad Classic can operate LinkBox PLUS.


  • Solves the unresponsive touchscreen issue on SimPad 6.2.5.
  • Premature Anne session pauses if connection is lost.
  • Updated SimNewB AAP default Theme.
  • More stable QCPR connection.
  • Faster reconnection of lost QCPR manikin.
  • Manikin selection on SimPad Classic greatly improved.
  • Updated ShockLink.
  • Updated QCPR firmware

Fixed issues

  • SimNewB ventilation detection.
  • SimNewB resumes normal movement after startup.
  • SimJunior identified as Child in Patient Monitor.
  • Extrasystole from Theme Editor displays correct in SimPad(not yet resolved in Theme Editor).
  • SpO2 cutoff value on PatientMonotor same as with LLEAP.
  • Patient Monitor displays Adult when using RA Sim.
SimPad 5.9.1 Build 138

211,2 MB

Main changes for SkillReporter:

  • Hide selected default Registered Events.
  • Possibility to exclude hand position from QCPR scoring.
  • For manikins that does not support setting for not reducing score on to deep compression a message appears when this is selected
  • General bug fixes.

Main changes for Simulation/System

  • General bug fixes.
Laerdal Patient Monitor - Version

1 035,1 MB - Multilingual

We have improved functionality related to the below issues:

  • Improved how Patient Monitor handles reconnection when losing connection to a simulator.
  • The buttons on the top bar of Patient Monitor are now enabled when the simulation is paused.
  • Instructors Patient Monitor was showing an alarm-off symbol for imCO2.
  • Check PC compatibility
SimPad Theme Editor

- English

IMPORTANT INFORMATION - This software will only be accessible using Internet Explorer

The Theme Editor is an online PC software tool for creating Themes for the SimPad system when operated using the Manual Mode. The program allows you to easily make new Themes with States and Interventions.

SimPad Patient Monitor SW 3.0 (for SimPad SW versions 1.7.5 or older)

343,7 MB - Multilingual

This program will install the latest Laerdal Patient Monitor Software and is license protected. Licenses can be purchased online or via a Laerdal sales representative. Please refer to the "view products" tab on the SimPad webpage. For directions for use, please refer to the "Help" section in the program. The SimPad Patient Monitor software program is compatible with Windows 7, Windows XP and Vista. The file needs to be unzipped before executing.

SimPad Audio Converter

9,7 MB

This software converts *wav or *wma audio files into RAW files requested to be used with SimPad
SimPad software version -

202,0 MB - Multilingual

With this software installed on your SimPad, you can run Simulation software and SkillReporter software on the same SimPad.

If you have a SimPad currently used with our simulators, you can now download this version, purchase the SkillReporter license and enable the SkillReporter software on the SimPad.

See separate document "How to activate software using a license key on SimPad".

You only need the 1.7.5 version if you want to run both Simulation software and SkillReporter on the same SimPad.

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