シミュレーショントレーニングは、「実際の病床で起こる状況に対応するように患者の病状を作りだすことができるので、看護師が、実際の患者に接する時には、的確な動作で動くことができます。」 「私達の看護師は、患者のケアに確かな自信をもっています。」


McLaren/Lapeer Regional Hospital realized they had a responsibility to train their nurses in a realistic way so they could handle any type of healthcare issue for their patients.  Chief Executive Office, Bart Buxton said “If you are not a change agent in healthcare, you cannot be in healthcare today.” As a result of implementing simulation training, “we have seen a profound change in the quality outcomes our nurses have because we are better able to prepare them to deal with situations that arise on the floor”. “Our nurses are more confident in the care they deliver”.