Tore Lærdal Wins 2016 Oslo Business for Peace Award

( Laerdal Global Health의 대표인 Tore Laerdal이 평화를 위한 2016 오슬로 기업상을 수상했습니다.)

Tore Lærdal has won the 2016 Oslo Busines for Peace Award.


The mission of Business for Peace is to support, inspire, and recognize global business leaders who are positively changing the face of business. At the center of the Foundation's efforts is the annual Business for Peace Award.  The Award is given to exceptional individuals who exemplify the concept of being "businessworthy," ethically creating economic value that also creates value for society.


Business for Peace was established to support ethical and responsible business as a way to promote global peace and stability. Achieving business success is no longer considered merely a question of how the bottom line performs, but as much a function of how a business relates to its surroundings, and how it affects society.


Each year, nominees are suggested by the UN Development Program, UN Global Compact, and the International Chamber of Commerce. The award recipients are selected by an independent committee of Nobel Prize winners in Peace and Economics. The committee identifies leading businesspersons worldwide who spearhead the development of the ethical business case, while creating examples of modern business success.


 This year’s winners are exceptional role models who exemplify how ethical and responsible business action can drive positive societal change”, said Helen Clark UNDP administrator.Previous winners include renowned Indian industry leader and philanthropist Ratan Tata, Unilever CEO Paul Polman, Virgin entrepreneur  Sir Richard Branson, and Nobel Peace prize winner Ouided Bouchamaoui. Since the introduction of the award, the majority of the honorees have been role models for entrepreneurship and industry development in low and medium income countries. Tore Lærdal is the first Norwegian to win the Oslo Business for Peace Award.


"I see this as a recognition of the work our family company has been doing over two generations, and which I have had the privilege to lead over several decades," Lærdal said. "The impact this has had would not be possible without the contributions of great co-workers and partners. They deserve a big share of this award." 


The Award Ceremony will take place in Oslo City Hall on May 3, 2016 as part of the annual Business for Peace Summit. This year, the Summit will be attended by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon of Norway.


Read more about the award on the Business for Peace website