In this highly interesting paper, Andreatta demonstrated how survival rates at University of Michigan tertiary care academic centre rised to 50% from pediatric patient cardiopulmonary arrest after introducing mock-codes. These rates are significantly higher than the US national average, and have remained high for 3 consecutive years, demonstrating the stability of the program's outcomes.

 What you can take away from this paper is the following:

 1. The paper shows how doing many mock-codes (training) actually translates into improved survival rates for pediatric patients. Survival rates went from 33% to 50%.

 2. There is a high correlation between HOW MUCH you train, and the survival rates

 3. This is one of those studies that show improved CLINICAL outcomes from introducing low dose high frequency training (monthly mock-codes)

 4. University of Michigan used formative, video-based debriefing to enhance learning from all the mock-codes


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