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Resusci Anne QCPR D
Torso Carry Bag

모델 번호: 175-00150
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Configuration: Torso Manikin, QCPR D Training, Carry Bag

Torso Manikin, 3 Decorated Resusci Manikin Faces, 2 Disposable Airways, 2 Extra Compression Springs (Hard and Soft), Semi rigid Carry Bag with integrated Kneel Mat, Jacket, 50 Resusci Manikin Wipes, USB Cable (for use with any USB power supply), defib cable, User Guide, Important Product Information

Please note:
Feedback tool (SimPad SkillReporter or SkillGuide) is not included and should be ordered separately.
The heart rhythms of the QCPR D manikin are controlled by the SimPad SkillReporter. If you already have a SimPad, you can buy the SimPad SkillReporter software online here.

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