About Us

Our vision is that no one should die or be disabled during birth or from sudden illness or trauma.

At Laerdal, we believe there is nothing more meaningful than helping save lives. For more than 60 years, Laerdal has developed products and programs aimed at increasing survival from cardiac arrest, promoting patient safety and improving global health.

But products and programs do not save lives. People do. We aspire to help healthcare providers to be their best. By collaborating with renowned researchers and prominent partners worldwide we believe we can make the greatest impact on helping save lives.



Our story

In 1954, Åsmund S. Lærdal experienced every parent’s worst nightmare. His two-year-old son, Tore, was found lifeless and floating in the sea.

Instinctively, Lærdal turned the boy upside down, shook him and pounded him until he began to breathe. At the time, modern day resuscitation was yet unknown.

A few years later, Lærdal, who was a successful manufacturer of books and toys, would apply his knowledge of producing plastic dolls for a new purpose – the development of a realistic training manikin to teach CPR.

In 1960, Resusci Anne became the first patient simulator in the world.

Tore Lærdal went on to lead the company after the death of his father in 1981. He continues as Chairman of the family-owned business.

Today, 400 million people have been trained in CPR.
More than 2 million lives have been saved.



From the mask of death to the face of life

The face of Resusci Anne has become an icon of modern resuscitation. The face was modelled after the death mask of an unidentified girl who was found drowned in the River Seine in Paris at the turn of the 19th century. The mystery of her death, speculated to be unrequited love, immortalised her a subject of art and literature for years to come.

With the development of Resusci Anne, the mission of the company changed course and helping save lives became the mission for the future.

The good Samaritan

The image of the good Samaritan was chosen as the new company logo to symbolise Laerdal’s commitment to every health professional and volunteer who has learned how to save the life of a family member, friend, or stranger in need.





Looking at Marshall Hastings (9), it is hard
to believe that his heart stopped beating
during a swim competition.
Due to swift CPR, Marshall Survived.

Delivering our Mission

Every 30 minutes, there are an estimated 1 000 preventable deaths.
We believe we can help.

Our goal is to help save 500 000 lives, every year.

We will do this by helping to implement large-scale community CPR initiatives like CPR in Schools that has provided more than 1 million CPR kits to help train schoolchildren. 

We will do this by developing products and programs to increase survival from sudden cardiac arrest, and improve patient safety by reducing medical errors.

And we will do this by helping to implement simple, affordable ways to help save the lives of mothers and babies at birth.




Our focus areas


Help increase survival rates of
cardiac arrest from 7 to 12%

50 000 more lives saved each year

Help improve patient safety to
reduce medical errors by 20%

50 000 more lives saved each year

Help reduce deaths due to birth-related complications in developing countries

400 000 more lives saved each year





The power of partnership

We have learned that we can make the greatest impact on helping save lives by working with partners. And we are proud to work with the best.
From the beginning, Laerdal has worked with doctors, nurses, educators, researchers and leading industry organisations. Mutual respect has been the foundation of these relationships, but the key to long-term success has been the complementary nature of our missions.







The support of science

Laerdal has been influential in furthering research and implementing practices that support our core research principles including the Utstein Formula for Survival, the Chain of Survival, and the Circle of Learning.

We use evidence-based knowledge to develop and continuously refine our product and service solutions.

Take a look at important publications that have guided our work >


We understand that our products and programs are only as good as the research behind them. We improve every time science is updated.

Helge Myklebust, Director of Strategic Research







Helping Build a Better Society

Our customers, partners, and employees have high expectations of us - and we have high expectations of ourselves. At Laerdal, we are committed to supporting the Global Compact Principles outlined by the United Nations.

Read our sustainability report to find out how we will do this >


We believe if we can create value to the society at large, and do our job well, satisfactory economic results will follow and build a stronger company with time.

Åsmund S. Lærdal, founder




When Minara went into labour, she called for birth attendant Jubayda to help - the baby was in breech position and in distress. Jubayda did all she could but Minara’s baby was born lifeless.

Trained in the Helping Babies Breathe program, Jubayda was able to put her new skills to use.

Her baby Shifa survived



One Global Company

Laerdal includes two sister companies that share the common goal of helping share lives.


Laerdal Global Health

Laerdal Global Health (LGH) was founded in 2010 as a not-for-profit company dedicated to helping saves the lives of mothers and newborns in low-resource countries. Through partnerships with leading global health organisations and professional organizations, Laerdal Global Health develops high impact, low-cost training and therapy solutions.

To find out more visit: laerdalglobalhealth.com >






Laerdal Foundation

The Laerdal Foundation was established to support research of best practices and practical implementations in acute medicine. To date, the foundation has supported 1 800 international research projects with more than 40 million dollars.

To find out more visit: laerdalfoundation.org >