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EMS Week, May 21-27

Always in Service

EMS exists because any one of us can find ourselves in a medical crisis and in need of emergency rescue. The result of dialing 911 is that there are EMS professionals always in service ready to run towards our crises and not away from them. To EMS professionals, however, there is no greater source of satisfaction than a life saved or an injury averted. 

“Always in service” is the theme of this year’s National EMS Week. Laerdal would like to thank everyone in EMS who has dedicated him or herself to putting patients first. Their role demands the skills necessary to act quickly and accurately when faced with unexpected situations. Simulation can offer an effective way of preparing individuals and teams for these challenging situations by training in settings that mimic real clinical encounters and lifelike experiences.

Your Service – Impacting the Chain of Survival

It has been found that survival can be improved with each link in the Chain of Survival contributing a different amount. In the first few minutes after a cardiac arrest, caller-dispatcher teamwork can improve survival by a factor of 4. In the next hour, EMS performance of quality CPR can contribute by a factor of 3, and in the following days hospital post-resuscitation care can contribute by a factor of 2. In total, there is the opportunity to increase survival from cardiac arrest by 24-fold.

The Chain of Survival

Helping Save Lives

Laerdal’s commitment to helping save lives is deeply rooted in a strong dedication to improve patient survival. For over 50 years, we have strived continuously to develop needs-based products and solutions that make an impact in each person's life. 

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