A cycle of lifesaving

The quick actions of John Forsyth’s neighbour, Greg Catherwood, means that John is alive and well today. After suffering a cardiac arrest, John collapsed outside his house.  Greg quickly put into action the lifesaving skills he had learnt as a lifeguard 30 years previously, and performed CPR until the ambulance arrived.

Thankfully, John survived and made a full recovery. He is now involved with his local Heartstart UK  group and hoping to promote CPR training in schools. Having experienced the benefits of CPR first hand, John fully understands how knowing CPR can help save lives. 

Above: John Forsyth practising CPR with a Little Anne manikin, closely monitored by Judy Hancock, local Heartstart co-ordinator

Photo Credit: Miriam Balfry, Kidderminster Shuttle 

Original article appeared in The Kidderminster Shuttle