Laerdal Medical and SonoSim Announce Strategic Partnership to Help Save More Lives

Laerdal Medical, a leading provider of simulation solutions for healthcare, and SonoSim, Inc., a leading provider of ultrasound education and training, today announced a wide-ranging agreement regarding distribution, product development and R&D collaboration.

“Practitioners have long requested ultrasound training and the ability to integrate it into patient simulation learning activities,” said Clive Patrickson, Chief Executive Officer, Laerdal Medical. “This partnership with SonoSim will provide learners with the very best learning environment for an integrated patient simulation experience, combined with the very best ultrasound learning content. This will be a great step forward in patient safety.”

Derek McLeish, President of SonoSim International, stated, “The increasing adoption of ultrasound will save lives, reduce costs, and improve patient outcomes. The main limitation of ultrasound to drive adoption has been the difficulty in training users.  The combined efforts of Laerdal and SonoSim will have a major impact worldwide.”

Collaboration is vital to Laerdal, as we know that through effective partnerships such as this, we can have more impact and ultimately, help save more lives.