Laerdal Announces the Release of SimPad PLUS System

 The SimPad® platform was quickly embraced as an effective, easy-to-use training tool when introduced to the simulation community in January 2012. Used by thousands of simulation programs around the world, the SimPad System has helped instructors, new and experienced, deliver highly effective simulation-based training. Since its introduction, many technological advancements and innovative software solutions have been developed in response to user needs and requests. In order to offer a state-of-the-art operating device that could support these needs, these enhancement have been incorporated into the new SimPad PLUS System.


SimPad PLUS offers the same intuitive navigation, mobile design, easy-to-operate themes and scenarios and integrated data log as the SimPad, but also includes an improved user experience with a faster and more responsive touchscreen, better Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth technology. SimPad PLUS System is compatible with new Laerdal simulators such as: SimMan® ALS and Premature Anneand backward compatible with existing products such as SimJunior®, Resusci Anne® Simulator, Resusci Anne® SkillTrainer, MegaCode Kelly, MegaCode Kid, Nursing Anne, Nursing Kid, Nursing Baby, Nursing Kelly, SimPad® Sounds Trainer, SimPad® Blood Pressure Trainer, and SimPad® Arrhythmia Trainer allowing institutions to seamlessly integrate this new technology. The SimPad PLUS System can also support simulations with standardized patients and task trainers.


"Our goal is to make simulation tools that are easy-to-use, while improving the educator’s ability to achieve their training objectives said David Johnson, President, Laerdal Medical Americas. The SimPad PLUS System is a continuation of this commitment from the ‘original’ SimPad launched in 2012. We believe that the SimPad PLUS System will help deliver a more reliable and realistic simulation experience that will ultimately improve healthcare workers ability to deliver quality patient care."


While SimPad has become an important tool for many simulation programs, Laerdal must continue to evolve in order to support the current and future training needs of the healthcare community. As of October 2016, the SimPad PLUS System will replace the SimPad System. Although the SimPad System will no longer be available for sale, Laerdal will continue to support SimPad Systems that are currently in use with bi-annual software updates as well as a wide range of technical and educational services, consumables and accessories through June 2021.


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