The Emergency Department, Trauma in the Emergency Department Advance Multidisciplinary Simulation (TEAMS) recently won the Excellence in Collaboration and Integration Award at the annual Quality Improvement and Innovation Awards. This innovative simulation was recognised for its collaborative approach as it involved staff from a variety of departments, including; ED anaesthesia, surgery, intensive care, radiology, the blood bank and the orderlies, as well as Wellington Free Ambulance (WFA).

Based on a real-world scenario, the simulation began with a call from WFA. The convenor, anaesthetist and simulation fellow, Dr Phil Quinn said: “the whole idea is to get our people practising in a safe environment – we try to push them into situations where they might feel uncomfortable, but we also want them to come back for more.”

ED Registrar Dr Jason Feng said the simulations were designed to be stressful and were a good opportunity to put staff from different disciplines including organisations like Wellington Free Ambulance (WFA), together to practise communicating and working as a team.

“Working in a familiar environment is another benefit, because you know where all the equipment is kept.” 

Included in this preparation is programming of CCDHB’s Laerdal 3G SimMan, (donated by the Hospital Foundation), whose abilities include speaking, bleeding and all the usual patient responses in the critically ill, in order to provide as accurate a representation as possible.

The award was accepted by Dr Garden who said the TEAMS project was a “collective effort which educates and test systems in a real environment.” He also thanked Bill Day and the Hospital Foundation as they have donated over $600,000 towards equipment to make this a reality.