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EMS2016 Copenhagen

Location: Tivoli Hotel & Congress Centre, Copenhagen, Denmark
Date: 30.05.16 - 01.06.16
Homepage: http://ems2016.org/

Shaping the future!

EMS2016 is the first pan-European Emergency Medical Services Congress that will bring together scientists and professionals in the area of emergency medical services and pre-hospital care.

The conference will focus on all different aspects of the pre-hospital emergency care and should be of interest for both emergency physicians, paramedics & EMT, and emergency dispatch centre personnel.

European EMS Championship

Challenge yourself and your team in the European EMS Championship competition! The competition will be all about teamwork, skills, experience and the ability to find a solution, when challenged. The competition will be scenario-based events that test each team’s ability to manage patients in various circumstances with common critical medical conditions and trauma. Click HERE for more information.

Let the games begin (Click to see the video)


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