Watch this video to see how easy it is to monitor a training session, whilst controlling vital signs, so you can provide the most realistic training experience.

Is SimPad the right tool for you?

  • Quick set up.

  • Full control of patient monitors with live updates.

  • Provide performance debriefs for effective training.

  • Helps create a more realistic training scenario when using live actors.

How SimPad works.

Select a video to learn more about how SimPad works in manual or automatic mode and how the log viewer aids debriefing.


What can I use SimPad for?

Manually program your training scenarios or use automatic scenarios.

Some of the most popular training scenarios are:

  • Acute severe asthma.

  • Simulation in Nursing Education Scenarios Volume I - 20 medical and surgical scenarios developed for undergraduate nursing programs.

  • Simulation in Nursing Education Volume II - 20 scenarios to identify key indicators and perform critical interventions.

  • ACLS Scenarios- 31 scenarios geared toward management of cardiopulmonary emergencies.

  • ACES Cases-12 scenarios designed to advance the care of older adults and targeted towards undergraduate nursing students.

Learn more about purchasing training scenarios from the SimStore here >


How can SimPad maximize your training experience?

  • Upgrade from Vitalsim.

  • Upgrade your current manikins.

  • Monitor Laerdal manikins during training.

  • Data and reports can be transferred to a PC for viewing, printing and backup storage with the free Session Viewer software available in the downloads section.


Check if your Laerdal manikin is compatible with SimPad and how the SimPad system compares to VitalSim >


Make sure you have the latest software update for optimal performance.

Changes and new features in software version 1.7.5:

  • Additional parameter controls available for NIBP and Tblood/Tperi
  • Wi-Fi- can be turned on/off for use during simulations in aircrafts or helicopters
  • Improved automatic mode scenario display
  • Bug fixes and more

Were you looking for the SimPad SkillReporter for QCPR feedback?

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