Powerfully effective

The Laerdal Suction Unit is comprised of a one- handled water- and shock- proof suction unit. For easy use in difficult situations the LSU has a built in suction indicator including guide lines for the correct vacuum needed for children, in the form of a color indicator. For extreme situations the LSU can reach a vacuum of 500 + mmHg and a flow rate of 30 LPM, making it one of the more powerful Suction Units on the market. Combined with the extra- large button for ease of use with large gloves, the LSU enables providers to quickly select the correct amount of suction for any given situation. The suction unit’s quiet running and discreet full blue covering also makes it an excellent option for home care. 


Disposable canister for your convenience

For ease of use the LSU comes with the disposable Bemis canister that is completely disposable. That way you can avoid contact with any contaminates and cut down on the time spent cleaning equipment after use. This way you are always ready for an emergency, all you have to do is set a new canister in your LSU and you’re ready to go.

Ready for use

Because the Laerdal Suction Unit automatically charges when connected to an external power source, such as the charging wall bracket, and charges to 80% after just 3 hours, it is ready for use when needed. For the assurance you need the LSU device test will tell you in 10 seconds whether there are any occlusions or faults that could potentially worsen a life threatening situation. The battery is also easy to change, even in the field.





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