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Learn How Virtual I.V. Can Help Enhance Training In Your Nursing Program

High Quality Intravenous Training Can Improve:

  • Educational effectiveness through standardized content and assessment

  • Student confidence through repetitive practice in a safe environment

  • Access to diverse patients, allowing learning and practice for difficult and infrequently encoutered

The Adult Virtual I.V.® Self-Directed Learning System includes 150 distinct case scenarios.  Each is customized to one of three areas; in-hospital, pre-hospital and military care providers.

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User Stories

Finding Efficiencies in a Unified Operating Platform

The Dr. George Ball Simulation Center is in full use at Hinds Community College.   Read more ›

Embracing LLEAP to Help Standardize Simulation Training

The St John Fisher College, Wegmans School of Nursing is dedicated to graduating baccalaureate, advanced...   Read more ›

LLEAP Implementation at the VCOM Simulation and Education Technology Center

The VCOM Simulation and Education Technology Center provides a learning environment to promote humanism...   Read more ›

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Standardized scenarios from SimStore™ offer expert authored validated content that help to boost your...   Read more ›

Resusci Anne® QCPR

Resusci Anne® QCPR sets a new standard for high quality CPR training.   Read more ›

MamaNatalie® Birthing Simulator

MamaNatalie birthing simulator that comes with NeoNatalie helps you create realistic training scenarios easily.   Read more ›

Resusci® Baby QCPR

The Resusci® Baby QCPR sets a new standard for high quality infant CPR training.   Read more ›


The SimPad System has been discontinued and replaced by the SimPad PLUS System as of June 2016.   Read more ›

SimPad® PLUS with SkillReporter™

SimPad PLUS with SkillReporter provides wireless control of up to 6 QCPR manikins simultaneously.   Read more ›


SimMom now supports both automatic and manual delivery training scenarios with the optional Automatic Delivery Module.   Read more ›


SimJunior is an interactive pediatric simulator, designed by Laerdal with the American Academy of Pediatrics...   Read more ›

Nursing Anne

Nursing Anne is a manikin designed for scenario-based training for the care and management of basic patient...   Read more ›

SimMan® Essential

All the essential SimMan features for more realism in your everyday training scenarios.   Read more ›

PROMPT Birthing Simulator

The PROMPT Birthing Simulator is designed to allow instructors to effectively teach the complexities...   Read more ›


SimNewB is an interactive simulator for training neonatal emergency medicine and resuscitation procedures.   Read more ›


Realistic anatomy and clinical functionality for infant care Airway Management Training of all aspects...   Read more ›

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