Realistic Neonatal Simulation

Neonatal Scenarios from Industry Leaders

With realistic newborn traits, SimNewB provides training experiences for a broad range of critical neonatal problems. Read more below. Rapidly integrate pre-programed simulation content with your existing neonatal curricula. | Learn More >


Effective Simulation-based Training


Utilizing SimNewB for simulation-based training allows healthcare providers to improve communication, refine critical thinking skills, and ultimately help improve neonatal patient outcomes.

SimNewB allows learners to practice a broad range of neonatal skills.  Tour the SimNewB interactive presentation for a closer look at the features >

Partnering to Improve Neonatal Outcomes

Developed in partnership with the American Academy of Pediatrics, SimNewB Neonatal Simulator will allow for new opportunities to integrate the latest technologies into neonatal training programs.

Pairing SimNewB and educational content developed and validated by organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics allows learners to master the skills needed to care for neonatal patients and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

Realistic Newborn Traits

Designed to meet the training requirements of neonatal emergency medicine and resuscitation courses, including the Neonatal Resuscitation Program, the SimNewB simulator helps facilitate delivery of consistent simulations enabling instructors to easily integrate simulation into their neonatal training programs. 

SimNewB features:

Accurately represents a full-term, 50th percentile newborn female, measuring 21 inches and weighing 7 pounds

A wide variety of patient conditions can be simulated ranging from a limp, cyanotic newborn with no vital signs, to a moving, crying, vigorous newborn

The patent umbilicus has a lifelike pulse that can be assessed, cut and catheterized for IV access

See additional features listed in the Specifications section.


Easy Operation, Tailored to Meet Your Needs

Depending on your training needs, SimNewB can be operated via the SimPad System or a PC.

SimPad System features:

  • Handheld, intuitive touch screen remote for easy 'pick up and play' experience
  • Operate on-the-fly or utilize Scenarios and Themes for consistent simulation training
  • Optimal data capture for quality debriefing
  • Mobile - teach anywhere
  • Optional patient monitor provides clinical realism

Learn More about the SimPad System >

PC operation supports advanced functionality:

  • Easy to use software enables on-the-fly operation or  utilize pre-programmed Scenarios for standardized, reproducible training experiences
  • Integrated web-camera or SimView recording capabilities
  • Enhanced debriefing functionality with synchronized event log, patient monitor and in-room video
  • Patient monitor displays extensive vital signs library including ICP, PAP and more
  • Radiology, multimedia files, and labs displayed on the patient monitor


Creating An Environment For Success

For the simulation novice to sophisticated developers, SimCenter has the tools and services to help every user realize their full potential. Visit to learn how to optimize your simulation training using SimCenter and SimNewB.

Access to validated, standardized content from industry experts | Learn More >

A suite of online tools that allows you to fully optimize your entire simulation center operation | Learn More >

An integrated debriefing solution giving you the ability to study simulation events more closely | Learn More >

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