EMS Grants Assistance Program

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Laerdal Medical recognizes the considerable amount of research and planning required in locating and applying for grant opportunities. With this in mind we have partnered with EMSGrantsHelp.com to offer our customers assistance in finding grants that fit the needs of their training programs. 

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Through this partnership you can now receive help with:

  • Writing grant proposals
  • Finding links to helpful websites for your grant endeavor
  • Getting templates to help with your grant narrative
  • Researching grants specific to your region, project, or organization
  • Interpreting the grant process and understanding the terminology
  • Locating grant information from foundations and government agencies

Are Your VitalSim® Manikins and Task Trainers SimPad® Compatible?

The SimPad system is backward compatible with the VitalSim platform and will take your simulation program to a new level. Incorporating it with your current manikins can transform the learning to a truly immersive simulation experience.

You can apply more relevant functionality to your existing VitalSim products - such as an intuitive touchscreen with Automatic Mode and Manual Mode. In addition, there is a portable patient monitor that includes SpO2 and temperature parameters, and the Log Viewer application. You will now be able to maximize the potential of every learning experience.

 View SimPad vs. VitalSim Comparison Chart >



Ensure Consistency with Pre-Programmed Scenarios from SimStore!

Validated scenario content with learning objectives mapped to the NREMT test plan allow you to rapidly integrate pre-programmed simulations with your existing curricula and offer standardized learning experiences. Curriculum Maps Now Available!  

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Resusci Anne® Wireless SkillReporter™

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AED Trainer 3

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Resusci Anne® QCPR

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MamaNatalie® Birthing Simulator

MamaNatalie birthing simulator that comes with NeoNatalie helps you create realistic training scenarios easily.   Read more ›

SimPad® PLUS with SkillReporter™

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Laerdal Compact Suction Unit (LCSU®) 4

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Resusci® Baby QCPR

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Stifneck® Select™ Collars

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HeartCode® BLS Part 1

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