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Patient Safety Week, March 12-18

First, do no harm

“First, do no harm” is an implied pledge made by healthcare providers worldwide. Laerdal is dedicated to supporting every healthcare provider in that pledge, as part of our mission of helping save lives.  Our belief is that no one should die or be disabled due to preventable medical error. We would like to use National Patient Safety Week to thank all in healthcare who have dedicated their work to achieving safer patient care and to making a better healthcare system. 

Turn Your Team of Experts into an Expert Team

You do not need to be versed in simulation to turn your team of experts into an expert team.  Studies show that in situ simulation has yielded marked results in areas like obstetrics, pediatrics, trauma care, neonatal resuscitation, and even new clinician orientation. If your goal is patient safety, we can enable you to achieve the kinds of results others have achieved. 

No one should die or be disabled due to preventable medical error

Betsy Cohen suffered what might have been a minor injury during a routine colonoscopy. This, however, touched off a series of events marked by poor teamwork and communications that translated into medication errors and a failure to diagnose sepsis. As a result, her life was irrevocably changed.

Laerdal’s Every Life campaign acknowledges lives lost or harmed due to preventable medical error and strives to connect all of us to the common goal of improving patient safety.

Please join us in raising awareness about this important cause. Every Life saved is a step towards improving patient safety. We believe that by working together, we can make the greatest impact on helping save lives.

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