Resuscitation 2015 - ERC Congress - Prague, Czech Republic

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Associated Professor Jacob Hollenberg

Associated Professor and Director at the Center for Resuscitation Science at Karolinska Institutet, Sweden


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Every minute, two people suffer cardiac arrest

Based on current research, we believe the implementation of best practices can increase survival from cardiac arrest by 50%.

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5 on the ERC street !

Street interviews all along ERC streets

Assessment of Day 2

Dr Koen Monsieurs introduces ILCOR commitment in the New Guidelines.

Dr Nicolas Mpotos shares his opinion about CPR training implementation.

Dr Koen Monsieurs

Emergency physician and Board Member of ERC

Dr Nicolas Mpotos

Emergency physician and Academic member at University of Gent

Welcome to Resuscitation 2015 - Prague

Bart Vissers, the CEO of ERC, and Jeroen Janssens introduce the ERC Conference.

Bart Vissers, CEO of ERC

Listen to Bart Vissers' first words about ERC : " ERC is the opportunity to discuss the signs with those who wrote the signs [...]"


Let us help you implement the new Guidelines

The CPR Guidelines 2015 contain minimal changes to the science or technology. Instead, the guidelines focus on implementation - on using what we know to do better.

We are releasing information on the new CPR Guidelines and how they would affect your programs and products.

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