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Directions for Use

Quick Guide WiFi setup

1,2 MB - English

How to Update SimPad and SimPad PLUS Software

0,4 MB - Multilingual

This document explains how to update the software on your SimPad and Link Box, including PLUS version.
SimPad PLUS Quick Setup Guide Multilanguage

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IT and network Information

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LLEAP, SimPad, simulators need a network to communicate on. Laerdal uses different features in order to detect an run simulations. Information about network requirement is found here.
SimPad PLUS Brochure

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SimPad PLUS Product Announcement

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SimPad PLUS Benefit Card

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SimPad PLUS 7.0.4


Changes in this release:

  • Reduced wifi network scan and connect failure rate.
  • ShockLink upgrade.
  • IOT data collection improvements.
  • Patient Monitor pauses when SimPad pauses session.

  • Fix for male voice on female simulators using LLEAP is located in LLEAP. Please update LLEAP


Changes since 7.0.0:

  • SimPad :
    • New functionality for integration with the new Laerdal Scenario Cloud replacing the SimStore integration.
    • SimPad will support integration with SimCapture Debriefing system.
    • Customers have an option to password protect system settings and system upgrade of SimPad .
    • Improved network communication to Patient Monitor.
    • Fixed low vocal audio on RA Sim, RAAST and SimMan ALS.
    • SimBaby would not respond after quickly quitting and restarting Manual Mode.
    • Skillreporter BLS manikins have firmware updates.
    • Improved SimBaby Seizure motion.
    • Improved SimBaby Eye pupil response on closed eyes.
    • SimCapture log file fixes.
    • Translation fixes Laerdal Scenario Cloud.
    • Laerdal Scenario Login first time login with expired user fixed.



  • Updating Nursing Anne Simulator, SimNewB and SimBaby take up to 20 minutes. Wait for a steady green light on the manikin.
  • Resusci manikins are updated with new firmware, the update takes up to 5 minutes.
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SimView Mobile Downloads


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Session Viewer Downloads


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SimPad Theme Editor

- English

IMPORTANT INFORMATION - This software will only be accessible using Internet Explorer

The Theme Editor is an online PC software tool for creating Themes for the SimPad system when operated using the Manual Mode. The program allows you to easily make new Themes with States and Interventions.

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