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SimMan Wundversorgungsmodul (inkl. Fußpuls)

Artikel: 211-20050
Preis inkl. MwSt.: EUR 4.952,40
In der Regel beträgt die Lieferzei 7-9 Wochen  

Chest surgical incision with skin staples (lay-on), abdominal packing and irrigation wound (lay-on), adbominal surgical incision lay-on with nylon sutures and Penrose drain, abdominal surgical incision lay-on with staples and Penrose drain, infected colostomy stoma, lacerated hand, forearm suture module, gluteal and ventro-gluteal pressure ulcer modules, thigh packing and irrigation wound, thigh suture module, thigh debridement module, below knee amputation, varicose vein leg with stasis ulcer, and diabetic foot with gangrenous toes and heel decubitus ulcer.

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