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Downloads for CPRmeter 2

Directions for Use

CPRmeter 2 (>8) User Guide (EN, KO)

6,0 MB - Multilingual

Age indication: >8 years old. If you are based in Europe, and if the device is meant to be used for clinical settings in Europe, then please check the User Guide (Multi-Bundle >1 years old).
Battery Hatch Replacement Guide

12,2 MB - Multilingual


CPRmeter 2 Sell Sheet

- English

CPRmeter 2 Benefit Card

- English

Quality CPR Registration Form

0,2 MB - Multilingual

Use this form to write down the values shown on the CPRmeter’s debriefing screens. This is an easy and quick way to ensure that documentation in regard to Quality CPR performance is kept in your records.

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