Why Laerdal?


A clear vision and core values

The real purpose of all we do is to make a significant contribution to improved survival and helping save lives. Living daily by our values is key to helping us attain our goals.  

All aspects of our operation should benefit and satisfy our employees, the environment and our society. Therefore efforts are made to maintain the Health of our employees, protect the Environment (internal and external) and ensure Safety for all parts of our operation. 

Living by the mission, our values and these principles will help ensure that we continue to be an attractive workplace for current and future employees.



Opportunities internationally

Being based in 23 different countries worldwide implies that our workforce is an international and diversified one, both culturally and language wise. It is our experience that the work environment truly benefits from being multi cultural in that the upsides by far outnumber inherent challenges. 



Innovative working environment

We explore the latest innovations, so that we remain the market leader in our strategic areas, yet also focus on simple solutions through disruptive innovation. 

We believe that innovation occurs more easily when people work together on challenges that energize them in an open environment of trust and respect, where mistakes are considered learning events and everyone understands the value being created and for whom it is created for.


Competence development

We will continue to offer well-defined competence development programs to align team members' competence and growth with business strategy and future core competencies. 

We want to have a dynamic learning arena, where team members are motivated to take an active part in their own development as well as sharing their knowledge with others.

Competence is developed through on-the-job training, learning activities in classes or self-study project work, collaboration and debriefing with peers, senior experts and customers.