Laerdal Medical’s Policy for Social Media

This document provides the policy and guidelines for Laerdal Medical within social media. The policy and guidelines concern any Laerdal employee who posts, tweets, produces and/or publishes podcasts or online videos, or, in any other way represents Laerdal Medical in the various social communities and social media services.

Laerdal Medical in Social Media

Social media complements the more traditional media and communication channels, and is built on communication and interaction, rather than merely sharing of information. The use of social media is an opportunity for Laerdal Medical to further increase customer satisfaction, to build our brand, and to improve sales. Our motto in social media is “Our service is our marketing”.


Key attributes for social media:

  • Listening
  • Engaging
  • Building Relationships
  • Relevance
  • Service
  • Consistency 



By participating in social media we can effectively reach out to large numbers of people regardless of time and place. Our customers can depend on our trustworthiness, as we will care and respond. We can build our brand by participating in discussions and by connecting with key opinion leaders and communities.


Social Media Guidelines for Employees

When acting online, there are a few essentials that need attending to. Our guidelines, code of conduct, and the brand values that Laerdal Medical represent are all equally valid online as in real life:


- Be personal without getting private

- Be open and honest

- Make sure not to reveal business sensitive secrets, launches of coming products or similar

- Treat competitors with respect

- Never comment on legal issues

- Always provide a link to the source if sharing someone else’s work

- Give credit where it is due

- In case of questions or concerns, ask your Country Web Manager or Country Manager for guidance


The company understands and encourages associates to engage in online social media. When taking part in a conversation or sharing information, always be yourself. Use your own personal voice without getting private. Laerdal Medical strongly recommends that you use your own name and that you are transparent with whom you represent when participating, sharing or writing in all online publishing. As well as in online and other conversations, remember that you are an ambassador for the company, also when not acting on its behalf. When acting privately, use your own private email-address (gmail, hotmail etc). When acting as an appointed corporate spokesperson, use your email address. When using social media for private purposes, use with the same type of common sense as you use for private phone calls; i.e. limit them to necessary activities and try to avoid within working hours.



Write in your own manner. Always write from a first-person point of view. Be outspoken when expressing your own personal opinion or when acting on behalf of Laerdal Medical. 



There are few things that make more impact than honesty. Therefore, stick to the facts you know of when discussing topics related to Laerdal Medical, and make sure the topics are within your area of responsibility.



It may be difficult to hold back when getting involved in a topic that interests you, but make sure to always protect yourself. Be careful with revealing any personal information about yourself and others. When something is published on the Internet it will stay there for a very long time. The same goes for Laerdal Medical’s confidentiality. The social media guidelines are subordinate to Laerdal Medical’s Tone of Voice. Make sure you have familiarized yourself with the Tone of Voice guidelines and that you respect the confidentiality agreements between Laerdal Medical and you as an employee.



Make it obvious to others that your thoughts are your own and not the company's. This is important both from a purely legal point as well as from a point of trust. Marketing Laerdal Medical’s services and solutions or disclosing information from Laerdal Medical, without letting people know that you are affiliated with Laerdal Medical, might harm your personal credibility.



Posting, commenting and sharing is so easy today that one risks missing out on the mere basics in business and personal life. Laws still apply, especially concerning copyright rules. Remember to validate the copyright when posting material that was not created by you. When referring to information from other sources, the common way of showing respect is by linking to the original post.


Be humble

Respect is also about how you treat other people. Always remain objective and treat people respectfully. Do not pick fights. Be the first one to admit mistakes.



Our relationship with our customers and partners is our most important asset, and it is important that we always protect them. You cannot cite or disclose customer names without their approval. Protect your fellow workers and our customers, dealers, and vendors by refraining from sharing any of their personal information, statements, or photographs, unless you have their written consent to do so. Bringing someone else into the conversation without their permission can be destructive to relationships, cause misunderstanding, or violate the law (including privacy and defamation laws), commercial contracts, or confidentiality agreements. 


Writing about competition is good, but writing bad things about competitors without support of facts is not ok. If you write about competition, write with the respect they deserve as a competitor of Laerdal Medical. 



Being an expert, you certainly have the facts right. Make that clear to your readers by always linking to facts and figures that support your numbers or statements. Always link to online references or original source materials. 



It is ok to disagree with the opinions of others, but do so with respect. 


Promote others!

Since we promote sharing and helping, Laerdal Medical believes that linking to other online opinion leaders, stories and news is a positive action. When finding interesting information, link and share this material generously. 



Since Laerdal Medical believes in the best judgment of our employees, these guidelines are in the spirit of trust and openness. When in doubt, please ask your manager for advice. There are always consequences to what you publish. Therefore, make sure that you are comfortable with what you publish. 


For customer complaints, service and support requests

Do not provide technical advice or post information related to product modification or repair. Do not attempt to address customer product or service related concerns or complaints directly in social media channels. Customer complaints and support should follow the same procedures as if the customer had contacted us via phone or email. In order to obtain more details on the contact, have them contact us via our email or phone as the most efficient way to handle their concern and resolve it.


New Ideas and Comments

These should be sent to the Global Marketing & Communication team at Abide by laws as you would in any other situation. This includes laws protecting intellectual property (such as copyright and trademarks), defamation, false advertising, competition (antitrust), and financial disclosure laws. You should note that you may not use the Laerdal Medical trademark or other Company brand trademarks on your personal sites. 


Unsure of Correct Response?

If a comment or question is outside your area of response or knowledge, so that an official company response is needed, bring it to the attention of a member of the Global Marketing & Communication Group or to your region’s Web Manager.