Laerdal Software Updates Now Available

Free software updates are now available for:

Software Update >

SimPad PLUS and SimPad PLUS with SkillReporter Software Update 6.2.0-31 >

 SimPad and SimPad SkillReporter Software Update 5.9.0-136 >


SimView Server
Software Update 6.0.6116 >

SimView Mobile
Software Update 6.0.6130 >

 Session Viewer
Software Update 6.0.6130 >


Laerdal Patient Monitor >

Important Information:

- No Patient Monitor license required

- The PC used as the simulated Patient Monitor must meet minimum standards outlined here


Note: Please update all components (if applicable) to ensure proper functionality: Instructor PC, SimPad remote and Link Box, Patient Monitor, and debriefing system.


Take your Training to the Next Level

Whether you need a refresher training course or would like to learn how to optimize the use of pre-programmed scenarios, Laerdal can help you get the most out of your simulation training. 

Update Courses

Teaching with Scenarios


Update courses allow participants to refresh their knowledge of simulation training. Learn more > Upon completion of this course participants will be able to install all Laerdal Scenarios Package on a licensed PC. Learn more > Standardized scenarios from SimStore offer expert authored validated content that help to boost your productivity. Learn more >