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Periodic Maintenence Kit

Item Number: 171-20050
Price ex. GST: $ 361.00
Price incl. GST: $ 397.10
Available in 3-4 weeks  
This Periodic Maintenance kit for Resusci Anne QCPR offers you a simple way to maintain your manikin's quality performance and accurate feedback. With this kit, you can replace the parts most exposed to wear and tear during long term use.

The Periodic Maintenance Kit includes:

  • Lung Plate
  • Cylinder piece with screws
  • Sensor unit complete


Anybody can replace these parts, all you will need in addition to the kit is a star screw driver.


Laerdal recommendeds replacing these parts when the Resusci Anne QCPR manikin has received approximately 500 000 chest compressions.


The Resusci Anne QCPR electronics count the number of compressions the manikin has been exposed to.  The number of compressions can be read by connecting any SimPad SkillReporter to the manikin and following the instructions in the DFU (see below).






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