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Item Number: 200-20250
Price ex. GST: $ 1,546.00
Price incl. GST: $ 1,700.60
Available in 16-18 weeks  

Displays 1400+ rhythm variations for 3-4 lead rhythm recognition using a standard clinical monitor.
  • Variable rate, rhythm, abnormalities and duration
  • Programmable waiting rhythms
  • Programmable scenario-based algorithms for instructor control
  • 3-4 lead ECG
  • Pacing
    • With or without capture
    • variable threshold
  • Defibrillation (25-360j)

Includes: Arrhythmia Box with Connection Cable and Soft Carry Case


* Must be used with VitalSim™ Vital Signs Simulator, which is sold separately * Click here to see the VitalSim™ Vital Signs Simulator **

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