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Learn more about how to find your Laerdal products, spare parts, accessories and adding them to your order.

Adding Laerdal Products to Your Order


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Building your order is easy. You can either use the product catalog and add products to your order by entering qty and clicking the cart icon, or you can just enter the product number directly. To enter product numbers directly, go to the cart details page and you can build you order in no time.

To order by product number, go here.


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Finding Products


Finding your favorite Laerdal product is easy.  You can use the Product Catalog to navigate to the product or search in a number of ways. The following search options are available:

  • By product number – do you know the product number for the product you are looking for? Just type it in the search box and you are set.
  • Full text search – type in what you are looking for, e.g. CPR manikins, silicone masks, collars and more – then select among the results.
  • Go to Product – Do you know the product family? E.g. Baby Anne, Pocket Mask etc… make your selection from the drop-down box and you are taken directly to the right place in our catalog.

Finding Spare Parts & Accessories


Finding spare parts and accessories to your Laerdal products are easy. In addition to the main product catalog, you will find a separate Spare Parts Catalog with navigation guides for your products. Click here to enter the Spare Parts Catalog.

When entering the Spare Parts Catalog, chose your product family to find your product. Here you will also find parts for discontinued main products.

You can also find spare parts and accessories to your products by navigating to the products you want parts for. Parts and accessories will then be listed together with your products. Find your main product easily by entering the product number in the product search box.