Advanced Video System
AVS 110V (US)

Nº do item: 210-08001
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  • For use with SimMan Software version 3.2 or higher and SimBaby Software version1.3 or higher
  • Combines multiple video signals (4)
  • Allows audio to be recorded with the video
  • Audio, video and patient monitor is copied into the SimMan or SimBaby's recorded debrief log
  • Debriefing can be saved and reviewed at a later time
  • Debriefing can be done anywhere in a network from PC's with client program

System includes: Desktop with advanced video compression card and pre-installed Laerdal video compression software, LCD Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, CD with Video Client and Debriefing software (to communicate with SimMan and SimBaby Software)

** Not included: To run the AVS you need a new or existing network **

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