Início90-1082 - PALS/PEARS Instr Courses

PALS/PEARS Instr Courses
Set of 2 Instr DVDs

Nº do item: 90-1082
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The PALS/PEARS Instructor Course DVD Set contains the videos needed to conduct the AHA classroom PALS Instructor and PEARS Instructor courses.

Product Specifications:
· Two-disc set:
o Disc 1 content: PALS Instructor Course Video
 Skills Testing
 Debriefing Overview
 Debriefing Practice
o Disc 1 run-time: 21 minutes
o Disc 2 content: PEARS Instructor Course Video
 PEARS Systematic Approach
 Optional Skills Stations
 Debriefing Overview
 Case Scenarios
o Disc 2 run time = 11 minutes
· All discs subtitled
· Digipak packaging (cardboard, fold-over package; one DVD snaps into each side)
· Shrink-wrapped

Intended Audience:
This DVD Set is for Faculty conducting a PALS Instructor or PEARS Instructor Course.

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