Início90-2328US - Sp. PALS Inst Manual CD.

Sp. PALS Inst Manual CD.
Spanish Repl 80-2327,64

Nº do item: 90-2328US
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The PALS Instructor Manual CD includes essential information and Lesson Maps that PALS Instructors need to teach the PALS Course, PALS Update Course and provide skills practice and testing for HeartCode® PALS. Following are the specifications for this PALS Instructor Manual CD:
• CD is packaged in an amaray case and shrink-wrapped
• Full-color PDF images
• Includes: Spanish PALS Instructor Manual PDF; Lesson Maps (initial/full course; update/renewal course; and HeartCode PALS Part 2) PDFs
• Supplemental course materials (PDF and Word files) to teach the PALS Course

Replaces old part # 80-2364US (Spanish PALS Instuctor Package) and 80-2327US (Spanish PALS Instructor Manual CD). Please note there is not an instructor package option for this course.

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