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PALS SBaby Set-Cap
26 Scenarios

Nº do item: SMS5011C
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The PALS SimBaby Scenario Set contains 26 scenarios that address major learning objectives geared toward critical pediatric care. The PALS SimBaby scenarios offer educators the ability to provide realistic and challenging scenario-based simulation to test students’ critical thinking and decision-making skills in accordance with the 2010 American Heart Association (AHA) Guidelines for CPR and ECC.

The scenarios focus on

  • Pediatric assessment and management
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Team interaction and communication
  • Adherence to algorithms
  • Debriefing, student reflection, and remediation

These scenarios can be used in conjunction with the AHA PALS courses and in a variety of settings where assessment and management of critical pediatric care is a priority.

The package contains 21 core scenarios and 5 skills teaching scenarios. All core scenarios require students to take critical action steps using the PALS Systematic Approach. The 21 core scenarios are divided into 3 main areas: respiratory, shock, and cardiac.

The 5 TEACH scenarios allow the instructor to coach students and provide adequate time for hands-on practice of CPR, airway management, and other relevant psychomotor skills.

The scenarios are developed with the AHA and are specifically for use with the Laerdal SimBaby simulator.

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