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Laerdal Scenario Cloud

High-quality, expert-validated scenarios from Laerdal and partners.

SimStore reimagined

Find, organize and customize simulation scenarios with Laerdal Scenario Cloud.

Coming soon
Laerdal’s cloud-based platform for simulation scenarios has changed for the better. With Scenario Cloud, multiple users on multiple devices will have access to Laerdal’s entire scenario library - with one subscription.  

Extra care for existing customers
Users of Laerdal’s previous SimStore will have access to all previously purchased scenarios on Scenario Cloud by using existing login credentials. 

Update your LLEAP and SimPad to the latest software version to find all your previously purchased scenarios accessible for every registered user. Scenarios are easily synchronized and updated across devices and users, and you can use them on multiple manikins simultaneously.

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Getting started

What has happened to SimStore?

Laerdal Scenario Cloud is our new digital platform where you will access hundreds of clinical scenarios, share and collaborate with your colleagues, and easily synchronize scenarios across all your devices.

Beginning March 2, SimStore ( will be redirected to the new Laerdal Scenario Cloud. Content that was previously offered on SimStore has now been moved onto Laerdal Scenario Cloud to allow you easy access to an entire library of simulation scenarios using just one license. 

Can I use my old SimStore account to sign in?

Yes, you can, but you will be asked to change your password the first time you sign in to Laerdal Scenario Cloud.

Can I still access content that I previously purchased on SimStore?

Yes, when you sign in to Laerdal Scenario Cloud you will find a special collection in My Scenarios that is named “Previously Purchased”. This collection contains copies of all your previously purchased migrated content.

Content that you purchased as a Capital license will always be available in the Scenario Library for you and your organization, regardless of which Laerdal Scenario Cloud license you select.

Any content that you purchased with an Annual license will be available until that license expires, after which you will need to purchase license access to Laerdal Scenario Cloud to continue accessing those scenarios.  If you are having difficulties finding any previously purchased content, Contact us for support.

Accessing scenarios on a LLEAP PC or SimPad

How can I check which software version I am running?

On SimPad you can find the current version number in the bottom right corner of the home screen. Once updated you will see a Laerdal Scenario Cloud icon in the lower-left corner of the home screen on your SimPad.

In LLEAP you can find the current version number by hovering over the LLEAP tile on Laerdal Simulation Home. Once updated you will see the option to sign in the upper left corner of Laerdal Simulation Home.

Which software version do I need to access the scenarios I have collected on Laerdal Scenario Cloud?

You will need to update your devices to software version 7.0 (or higher) in order to sign in to Laerdal Scenario Cloud and access the scenarios in your collections.

Links for upgrade
(contains info on how to upgrade and download installer files will be available March 2, 2020:

What happens to the scenarios I already have on my LLEAP PC and SimPad?

Scenarios stored on your LLEAP PC and SimPad will remain there until you choose to remove them. You can now locate them as before under a new heading “Local content”.

What is the difference between a Starter scenario and a Professional scenario?

Starter scenarios are designed to work on a specific simulator and are aimed at helping you get started with simulation by demonstrating simple scenarios.

Professional scenarios are created to support clinical learning and are validated by highly reputable partners. They are created to run on multiple simulator types.