Stories Stick

If you’re like most people you’ve seen training where powerful learning occurred.  But then…nothing: no application, no change, and no results.  StoryCare solves this problem by delivering content in a way that fuses it to a learner’s mind: through stories!  Each StoryCare story chronicals a real-life medical event.  And, each story is coupled with its own debriefing roadmap that guides learners through a level of self-reflection that will show huge dividends in their decision-making and team behavior.

NEW! Now Mapped to QSEN

Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) is a privately funded project aimed at preparing nurses with the knowledge, skills and attitudes that they need to continuously improve the quality and safety of the healthcare systems within which they serve.

The six competencies are:

  • Patient-centered care
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Evidenced-based practice
  • Quality improvement
  • Safety
  • Informatics
Pioneered in part by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), the QSEN competencies round out what many institutions believe are essential attributes for today’s nurse. StoryCare sparks a level of engagement in QSEN that makes learning easy and fun.

A Patient-Centered Care Story

Based on Actual Events

Every StoryCare story is based on an actual event and was chosen because someone like you said it was important.  The StoryCare library is about you, whether you are in staff development, risk management, quality, or patient care, StoryCare stories are real world for the real world. 

StoryCare stories address the following major learning areas that hospitals are concentrating on today:

  • Patient Safety
  • Care Quality
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • TeamSTEPPS
  • Partnership for Patients and other CMS initiatives
  • QSEN (Quality and Safety Education for Nurses)

An Emergency Preparedness Story

A 15 Minute Formula

15 minutes is all you need using StoryCare to make your content stick.  StoryCare works by engaging people in the decisions of practitioners and their patients at critical moments in the patient’s care.  Once learners are fully immersed in a StoryCare story, they are then challenged to apply the facts, choices, and behaviors seen in the story to their own daily work environment.  The time it takes to complete all of this? 15 Minutes.  And, unlike other kinds of fame, that’s 15 minutes that can have dramatic long-term results. 

StoryCare Team Huddle

All the People you Couldn't Reach Before

Food Services, Housekeeping, Maintenance, not to mention Patient Intake and Discharge-all are people you could never reach before but who still impact patient safety, care quality, and patient satisfaction.  We deliver StoryCare to you on an institution-wide basis, not just to some people, to anyone you want to have access, and at no extra charge.  It comes to you cloud based and ready to run on a PC, iPad, or iPhone. Each story is delivered as an audio file and is supported by a written story transcript, debriefing guide, and other tools meant to drive the story’s message home. And, if you are using StoryCare in a nursing school setting, the impact and reach can be just as profound.

Using StoryCare's Online Tools

IT Friendly

Using universally accepted online solutions to conform with any institution’s IT standard, StoryCare’s intuitive interface makes the team leader’s job easy, and also serves as an “organizational commons” that provides support, guidance, and tools to easily conduct engaging team simulation events.  We’ve engineered the StoryCare system to achieve rapid-cycle improvement with your teams without adding extra burden to leaders, educators or facilitators!