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Spanish Heartsaver CPR AED DVD Set 2010 AHA

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The Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED DVD set is for use by AHA Heartsaver and BLS Instructors. Following are the specifications for this DVD set:
• Set of two DVDs: one containing material for first aid; one containing material for CPR AED
• First Aid DVD run time = 112 minutes
• CPR AED DVD run time = 77 minutes
• Audio, graphics and subtitles in Spanish
• Packaged in a double, Amaray case and shrink-wrapped

Please note:
• Heartsaver posters have not been translated; to order AHA’s English Heartsaver posters, please contact your Distributor.
• There is not an Instructor package option for this course; all instructor materials are sold separately.

Replaces old Heartsaver AED DVD (80-2313) from Heartsaver AED Instructor Package (80-2353) and Heartsaver First Aid DVD (80-2308) from Heartsaver First Aid Instructor Package (80-2358)


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