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ALS Simualtor Einweisung 2 Tage LLEAP
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Artikel: 205-LL51200
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The Introduction to ALS Simulator course is a 2 consecutive day educational session with a Laerdal Educational Representative at the customer site for up to 8 participants.

The course also covers Instructor device operations, LLEAP homepage options, operating modes, and debriefing software. During the course, the participants will optimise the features of the simulator to meet program-specific educational goals, practicing scenarios relevant to their needs. Hands-on activities familiarise faculty with the simulator and its applications for learners.

Time may allow for optional modules to be covered, including microphone operations, LLEAP customisation, additional scenario practice, SimStore shopping, or scenario conversion.

An annual license of a demo SimStore scenario is included with purchase of the course. Ref. Scenario SMS5337

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