Hjem381550 - Traume Blødningshåndterings Modul

Traume Blødningshåndterings Modul

Enheds Nummer: 381550
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Pris inkl. moms: DKK 24.251,25
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This set was designed to teach the rapid identification and effective management of bleeding control, per ATLS guidelines or military procedure, to prevent possible potential loss of life.

• Bleeding trauma amputation arm and thigh modules designed for tourniquet application and training of proximal artery compression

• Bleeding Trauma Arm

• Bleeding trauma arm and thigh module designed for application of compressive dressing, training of proximal artery compression and deep gauze pack placement

• Bleeding trauma thigh module features palpable chipped and broken bone

• Module set includes reservoirs with tubing (4), simulated blood (4 bottles) and carry case.


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