Optimizing Your Total Learning Experience

SimManager™ is a suite of online tools that enables you to fully maximize the information gathered from your simulation education program. Going far beyond managing resources and archiving information, SimManager will examine outcomes, mine and manage information, categorize research and much more. SimManager is your staff member, dedicated to helping you maximize every piece of data available. Partner with the integrated solution offered through the SimManager platform and you’ll enjoy:

  • An accelerated learning experience for every student
  • A complete understanding of learner performance
  • A well-organized planning and preparation process
  • Optimum resource tracking and utilization


ORGANIZESimManager Organize
Creating and environment for success

When preparing for any teaching experience, it’s important to have access to the resources you need to maximize your educational process. SimManager is a web-based platform that delivers comprehensive solutions for the delivery and management of simulation and education, including the following:

  • SimStore™ and self-authored scenarios and content
  • Manikins and other types of simulation equipment
  • Buildings, rooms, and resources
  • Schedule participants, instructors, and simulation center administration from interactive calendar
  • Classes, courses, and curricula with full calendar functionality
  • Outlook™ integration of learning events


INTEGRATESimManager Integrate
Complete control of the learning environment

Gathering simulation data is just part of the overall teaching experience. To maximize every learning opportunity, your observations must be distilled and arranged so that you can extract all of the information available. SimManager is your comprehensive solution to manage, track, and organize all of your simulation, scheduling and educational information. With SimManager you’ll be able to:

  • Upload simulation debrief files
  • Organize simulation participants by group and role
  • Seamless integration with SimView™ and patient simulators
  • Allow learners and instructors to access their transcript information and debrief file comments
  • Access, annotate, and grade simulation performance remotely


EDUCATESimManager Educate
Education built to maximize your learning experience

By providing a single integrated solution, to help manage your simulation resources, equipment, students, content and assessments, the SimManager platform will give you the power to focus on education. With a fully integrated courseware library you can access, develop and manage content tailored to meet your specific needs:

  • Curriculum building and management
  • Course creation and authoring
  • Flexible assignment engine
  • Web-based learning
  • E-learning and simulation content
  • Management of self-authored and SimStore scenarios


PERFORMSimManager Perform
Capitalize on each educational opportunity

By utilizing the SimManager platform, your organization will have access to the tools needed to better manage and organize simulation activities, content and learning events. As a result you will be able to:

  • Increase training effectiveness
  • Make better use of existing simulation and training facilities
  • Evaluate and document performance improvement over time
  • Benchmark results to generate new performance standards
  • Track performance improvement


The tools to make simulation a success...and help save lives

There are many different measures of success… in the end it’s about making a positive difference in the lives of people impacted by your organization.
The SimManager application will give you the ability to effectively consolidate, manage, schedule, and share all of your simulation and learning assets through a single unifying platform.
By leveraging the information collected and gathered with SimManager, you can more quickly adjust your education and training to address specific organizational or departmental needs, leading to an accelerated path to success. 


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Creating An Environment For Success

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