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Downloads for LLEAP - Laerdal Learning Application


Quick Guide WiFi setup

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Session Viewer - User Guide

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How to setup Hosted Network

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Laerdal Learning Application (LLEAP) v. 6.6.0

1 154,9 MB

Main change:

  • LLEAP now supports the new simulator SimBaby.

Other improvements and issues

  • LLEAP now plays the "Grunt" and "Weak cry" vocal sound in synch with chest rise. If manikin does not breath it will not play the sound either.
  • Fixed an issue where LLEAP could not update a SimPad Plus.
  • Fixed an issue where real time ventilation rate for SimMan ALS was not updated in LLEAP.
  • Fixed an issue where transitions in a theme or scenario could start before the LLEAP session started.
  • Fixed an issue where icons in the Ongoing care window could remain visible after the event has stopped.
  • Fixed an issue where trends for absorbed gases (O2, N2O etc) would not be executed correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where auscultation focus on SimMan 3G could not be cancelled. Now the additional time exceeding 30 seconds can be cancelled.
  • Fixed an issue where LLEAP could show an error message about "Trend doesn't exist" when starting a trend.

  • Note:

    • The product names for the first generation of SimNewB, SimBaby and SimMan simulators have changed to "SimNewB Classic", "SimBaby Classic" and "SimMan Classic" in the LLEAP user interface
    • If using SimView with LLEAP then SimView Server Version 6.2 or later is required. We recommend you download and install the latest version from here

    • All computers and simulators in your simulator environment should use the same version of the LLEAP SW.
    • Use the Simulator Firmware & Network Wizard to update your simulator after LLEAP has been updated.

    See help file for details.

      Before updating LLEAP, to secure a successful installation, please make sure the PC is fully updated through Windows Update. If you have problems starting LLEAP after installation, please download and run the Visual C++ 2015 redistributable from this location: Link. Select and run 'vc_redist.x86.exe' then try running LLEAP.
    Laerdal Patient Monitor v. 6.6.0

    633,1 MB

    The Laerdal Patient Monitor software is compatible with LLEAP and SimPad.

    Laerdal Patient Monitor software is included when you download LLEAP. This download allows you to install Laerdal Patient Monitor software without installing LLEAP on the same computer.

    New version to align with LLEAP 6.6.0

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