Press Release: Global Launch of SimCenter at IMSH

HealthStream and Laerdal Medical Announce Global Launch of SimCenter™ at the 2011 International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare


Nashville, Tenn. (January 24, 2010) - Through their joint venture, SimVentures, HealthStream, Inc. (NASDAQ: HSTM), a leading provider of learning and research solutions for the healthcare industry, and Laerdal Medical (“Laerdal”), a global leader in the provision of educational solutions for healthcare providers and educators, today announced the launch of SimCenter™. The increased focus on patient safety has stimulated a booming interest in healthcare training through simulation. SimCenter™ is an innovative simulation management platform designed specifically for healthcare institutions to manage their simulation initiatives.


The ability of a healthcare professional to react both quickly and correctly in an unexpected situation is a critical factor in achieving a positive outcome for patients. The use of simulations allows a healthcare professional to practice critical lifesaving skills in a risk-free environment, and thereby improves provider efficacy and competence in actual patient care. While simulation techniques for learning are commonly used in healthcare educational institutions, they are now becoming more widely adopted in healthcare provider organizations.


According to a survey conducted by SimVentures of approximately 900 healthcare educators, approximately 80 percent of organizations that use advanced patient simulators manage the scheduling process manually through their calendar software (e.g. Outlook or Lotus Notes) or with an internally developed system. By automating the management of simulation initiatives, the SimCenter platform will provide significant improvements in efficiency over existing methods.


As a simulation management platform, SimCenter is comprised of a fully integrated system of software designed to work with advanced patient simulators, like Laerdal’s SimMan 3G, SimMan, SimBaby, and SimNewB, and available through the Internet via software as a service (SaaS). SimCenter includes:


  • SimStore: Launched today, SimStore is an application which makes available simulation content from some of the healthcare industry’s leading organizations. Beginning in April 2011, healthcare providers and educators will be able to sample and purchase simulation scenarios to use in their simulation training activities.
  • SimDeveloper: Launched today, SimDeveloper is an online software developer’s toolkit for scenario developers to deploy their content to the SimStore.
  • SimManager: Coming later this year, SimManager is a management system that is customized for managing simulation-based training activities. Capabilities include making simulation training assignments, tracking training completions, managing scenario/content used in training, generating progress reports, scheduling of equipment and labs/rooms, and managing simulation curricula.   
  • SimView: Coming later this year, SimView is an audio/video system that captures video of the simulation activities, simulator log files, and vital signs from the advanced patient simulators so that simulation instructors can debrief students on their educational experiences with simulation activities.  


SimManager will be fully integrated with the HealthStream Learning Center™ (HLC), which is the market leading learning management system among U.S. hospitals. Approximately 2,300 U.S. healthcare facilities utilize the HLC to deliver and track online training and education programs, and manage classroom-based educational activities for 2.36 million healthcare professionals. When launched, SimManager will give all healthcare providers a toolset to manage their simulation training activities and HealthStream’s healthcare customers an opportunity to license a toolset that is fully integrated with their existing HealthStream Learning Center™.


Simulation content from developers will be available in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, and Korean. To benefit customers, content bundle pricing will be available when multiple scenarios are purchased. In addition, content will be available for purchase either under annual or multi-year license agreements. As content is purchased, revenues will be generated by SimVentures and royalty fees earned by developers.


Tor Morten Osmundsen, chief executive officer of Laerdal Medical commented, “Since the launch of our patient simulator, SimMan, we have seen the adoption of simulation training in healthcare rise sharply. As healthcare organizations and educational institutions face the challenges of training an ever growing number of professionals and healthcare students, we believe SimCenter will support them to deliver consistently high quality and relevant training more efficiently and effectively than ever before.”


For more information about SimCenter, you may contact HealthStream at +1 800-933-929 or Laerdal Medical at  +1 845-297-7770. 


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