SimView™ - an innovative debriefing system for healthcare simulation - launched by HealthStream and Laerdal Medical

More effective debriefing: Debriefing is a critical part of simulation-based education, and it is made more effective with SimView, the next generation debriefing tool that was built from Laerdal’s original Advanced Video System (AVS) product. The new debriefing system provides robust tools to accurately replay scenarios where students worked with patient simulators—showing what actually occurred, as opposed to perceptions of what occurred. SimView automatically integrates data from up to four video cameras, a microphone, and patient monitoring with the event log from the advanced patient simulator. Instructors can add comments to the log during a scenario and can easily manage the delivery, storage, and distribution of the debriefing files.

Some of the capabilities of SimView include:

  • Captures simulation events with four IP or analog cameras, a microphone, and a computer
  • Captures video, audio, data logs, and “patient” vital signs and then replays scenarios with instructor annotations
  • Creates a single, time-indexed debriefing file for effective evaluation
  • Enables viewing of live events while monitoring vital signs, annotating in real-time
  • Provides robust evaluation capabilities via embedded tools and assessment templates
  • Integrates with SimCenter product suite, including SimStore, SimDeveloper, and SimManager

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