Testing the value of CPR feedback devices

Quality CPR – latest news highlights live saving value of CPR feedback devices

Delivering quality CPR continues to be highlighted as a vital part of the chain of survival. Research shows that when Emergency Medical Services use CPR feedback devices such as Laerdal’s CPRmeter, cardiac arrest survival rates improve.

John Freese, MD, Director of Prehospital Research for Fire Department City of New York (FDNY) explains that real time feedback on the quality of CPR given ensures that the provider is giving effective CPR, and this has been proven to impact on survival rates. In 2009, FDNY purchased CPR feedback devices for their team, and then monitored their performance in giving CPR. “We found that return of spontaneous circulation went from 38.5% in early 2011 when we first introduced the technology to 52.5% in June 2013,” Freese says. (Freese, J., quoted in The Case for CPR Feedback Devices) FDNY found a clear link between using CPR feedback devices and improved short term outcomes on patient survival.

Watch this video for a demonstration on how the CPRmeter can be used

The CPRmeter provides instant feedback to a rescuer to ensure Quality CPR is administered and an accurate debrifing can be given after use.

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