SimMom prepares NPC nursing students for high-risk obstetric, medical problems

SHOW LOW — A nurse must quickly recognize high-risk, problem-prone situations and apply skills learned in hands-on training to potentially save a patient’s life.

Training future nurses in a rural setting where opportunities to see and prepare for such situations are not commonly experienced, Northland Pioneer College is using high fidelity patient simulators for students to practice a wide variety of clinical, critical thinking, decision making and teamwork skills without exposing patients to risky situations.

“Novice students can practice, develop skills and achieve competency with basic skills like injections, catheterization and physical assessment,” noted Penny Weiermann, NPC nursing faculty member and sim lab coordinator. “As they progress, they can move on to programmed scenarios that simulate low volume, high-risk, problem-prone situations that a student may never see, especially doing clinical in a rural area. We want them to be able to quickly recognize the situation in practice because it could save a patient’s life,” she continued. “It is always easier to remember what to do if you have seen something and practiced, rather than just reading about it in a book.”

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