Simulation to prepare for saving lives

In March 2013, Joe Fortis was part of the FDNY team who took first place at the JEMS Games advanced clinical competition at EMS Today Conference. Here you can see Fortis and the team participating in the challenges, using several of Laerdal’s advanced patient simulators such as SimMan and SimJunior.

A month before the JEMS Games, Fortis had been involved in a challenging resuscitation, which resulted in him saving the life of a 24 year old man.  The complex scenarios that he and his colleagues had been regularly working on in their general training and as preparation for the JEMS Games meant that they were able to perform successfully in the field.

Talking to A. J. Heightman, the Editor-in-Chief at JEMS, Joe Fortis said:

“I wanted to thank you, as does my patient, for making me strive to be the best of the best. I practiced that arrest scenario for the JEMS Games over and over for the past few years and to get that in the finals, as well as on the street, was crucial to my success. We train all the time to compete at these events and they say that practice makes perfect.

“I can say that our clinical competition team practice sessions and simulations, and the great scenarios presented at the JEMS Games Clinical Competition, have made me a strong EMT over the years and, over the past six months, a better paramedic.”

Read the full article, originally published in JEMS January 2014 issue, including detailed analysis of the successful resuscitation, click here