How to Champion & Implement High-Quality CPR into your EMS Agency and Emergency Department

Please join speakers Ben Bobrow, MD, Christopher Crow, MD, and Mark Venuti, CEP, NREMT-P in a live, free webinar on Tuesday, July 8, 2014.

In healthcare environments, poor-quality CPR should be considered a preventable harm. The use of a systematic continuous quality improvement (CQI) approach has been shown to optimize outcomes. Despite this evidence, few healthcare organizations apply these techniques to cardiac arrest by consistently monitoring CPR quality and outcomes. As a result, there remains an unacceptable disparity in the quality of resuscitation care delivered, as well as significant opportunities to save more lives.

Through better measurement, training, and systems-improvement processes of CPR quality, we can have a significant impact on survival from cardiac arrest and eliminate the gap between current and optimal outcomes. We need more healthcare providers to step up and champion these efforts in every system.

Learn how Dr. Bobrow and the team in Arizona are doing just that. And how you can implement in your own healthcare system.

The event will end with a 20 minute Q & A session offering you the opportunity to ask questions of the speakers.

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