Arlington High School Trains 330 Students In Hands-Only CPR

LAGRANGE, NY – The new CPR in Schools Law, requiring CPR training as a graduation requirement, went into effect October 7, 2015 and schools across the Hudson Valley have already started the training in classes. The law was passed by Governor Cuomo in 2014 and was accepted by the Board of Regents in September, making New York the 26th state to require CPR training. More than 1.5 million students will be trained each year in the 26 states, including more than 190,000 high school graduates annually in New York State.

Arlington High School, the largest high school in Dutchess County, held Hands-Only CPR training in December over two days, co-taught by health teachers Carol McCord and Nicole Benedetto. Approximately 330 students were trained this semester with the remaining senior class students scheduled to be trained during the spring semester.

During the first day of training, students took a CPR knowledge pre-test, watched a brief training video, received instruction by teachers, and then performed chest compression skills on a training mannequin. On the second day, students were trained in the use of an AED. Some of the training equipment was donated and some was purchased.

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